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Apple Varieties

A chart of the apple varities with a description of their taste and texture that are useful for cooking.

Variety Size & shape Skin Flesh
Belle de Boskoop large; irregular and asymetrical rough & matt, yellowish green firm and sharp
Braeburn medium yellow well streaked with red firm and crisp, juicy, acidic and slightly sweet
Calville large lemon yellow and shiny very fine, tender, sweet, juicy, slightly acidic
Cox's Orange Pippin small and round yellowish-green tinged with red crisp, juicy, aromatic, sweet with some acidity
Egremont Russet medium matt, reddish brown tender, very sweet, slightly acidic
Elstar medium to large golden yellow well streaked with red to orange juicy, slightly sweet and acidic
Gala small to medium smooth and red-streaked, can be quite thick sweet, tender with slight acidity
Gloster large dark red over yellow-green sweet juicy and delicate flavor, crunchy
Golden Delicious medium pale green or yellow depending on ripeness yellowish-white, sweet, juicy and soft, mild flavor
Granny Smith medium bright green, waxy firm and very juicy, acidic and crisp
Jonagold large to very large red streaked over yellow-green crisp, juicy, sweet acidic flavor
Jubilé large bright red slightly tinged with yellow, fine skin crispy and juicy
Laxton's Superb medium green tinged with red firm, crisp, sweet, juicy, some acidity
Melrose large dark red over yellow-green, thick sweet, acidic and refreshing
Red Delicious medium to large dark red very sweet, sometimes a hint of acidity
Reine des Reinettes medium to large golden yellow, streaked with red yellow, firm and fine, crisp, juicy and sweet
Reinette Clochard small to medium yellow, tinged with green delicate flavor
Reinette du Mans small to medium yellow very sweet
Reinette Grise du Canada medium to very large thick and brown-grey slightly grainy, with a sweet, acidic flavor
Starking Delicious medium to large, elongated red-brown, thick yellowish, very mellow, fine and juicy
Worcester Pearmain medium clear red white and crisp, sweet and juicy

The favored apples for pies are crisp and retain their texture when cooked such as Granny Smith and Golden Delicious.

Apples go very well with recipes cooked in cider. They are also used in salads, especially with celery, walnuts, raisins and beets together with a mustard vinaigrette or a rémolade sauce.


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