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129 bread machine recipes

There's nothing more comforting than a warm fresh loaf of homemade bread. With these easy bread machine recipes, it's the perfect time to bring the aroma to your kitchen.


Cake Bread for Bread machine

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6 days ago

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A simple bread machine recipe that will have you making a scrumptious and moist bread your whole family will enjoy!

White Bread For Bread Machine

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5 days ago

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A simple bread machine that will have you making a crusty white bread that's perfect for toast and sandwiches.

Lime and Coconut Milk Bread (Bread Machine)

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A big summer fruit salad tastes even better with the tropical taste of this light bread. Slices are irresistible with nutted cream cheese or chicken salad.

Yummy Bread Machine Focaccia

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Bread Machine Focaccia recipe

Light Whole Wheat Bread (bread machine)

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6 days ago

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Light Whole Wheat Bread (bread machine) recipe

Best Portuguese Sweet Bread (Bread Machine)

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2 days ago

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As I do not own a bread machine, I adapted this recipe to make in my KitchenAid stand mixer using the dough hook. I kept the igredients basically the same, with the exception of...

Bread Machine Italian Bread

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4 days ago

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Italian Bread recipe

Bread Machine Chocolate Bread

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1 day ago

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Bread Machine Chocolate Bread recipe

Bread Machine Pumpkin and Raisin Bread

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Pumpkin and Raisin Bread recipe

Bread Machine Classic White Bread

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Bread Machine Classic White Bread recipe

Bread Machine Brioche

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Brioche recipe

Bread Machine Pumpkin Spice Bagels

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These pumpkin spice bagels look great too. I really love the color of these bagels, pumpkin puree gives these bagels rich golden color, which makes the bagel look so yummy. Anot...

Bread Machine Onion Bagels

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6 days ago

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Very good! I live in Canada and my favourite place to go for onion bagels was Tim Horton's, but unfortunately most locations don't make them any more. These are just as good, if...

Bread Machine Semolina Bread

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6 days ago

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I used durum wheat flour instead of semolina. Barney unplugged my machine, so I had to finish the second rise, and bake it in the real oven. It turned out great. This bread is...

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