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Tips for a Light and Flavorful Christmas

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How can you avoid nibbling your way to extra pounds this holiday season?


How can you avoid nibbling your way to extra pounds this holiday season?

Here are some tips for creating a healthy and delicious Christmas:

  • Serve one type of meat or fish paired with a couple of flavorful and appealing side dishes for a low-stress, time-saving meal your guests will love.

  • Use seasonal fruits and vegetables as a base for your dishes. For a healthy plate, select mostly vegetables and salads and a small portion of meat. Leftover veggies and meat make a delicious salad for later in the week.

  • For flavorful roasted vegetables without the fat, brush veggies lightly with olive oil and cook them separately from the meat.

  • Cut out the fat from your protein by: choosing lean meat and trimming off any remaining fat, taking the skin off of poultry and skimming the fat off of meat juices before preparing gravy.

  • Serve either ice cream or whipped cream with your dessert. Sorbets or yogurt are a healthy substitute.

  • Pair Christmas pudding with low-fat ice cream.

  • Fill your cookie jar with healthier options like biscotti instead of fat-filled shortbread.

  • Offer low-fat crackers like crisp-breads or water crackers to avoid hidden fat.

  • To lower the fat of your mince pies, use filo dough for the crust and chose a fruit based mince filling that is suet-free.

  • Before attending holiday parties, eat a healthy snack and drink plenty of water so that you don't over-eat and drink too much.

  • Bring a platter full of fresh, colorful fruits and veggies as your party contribution.

  • Replace butter and other fat-filled spreads with hummusor reduced-fat cream cheese.

  • Indulge in chocolate-dipped fruit to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

  • Eat your food at a leisurely pace to give your body time to tell you that it is full.

With Christmas just around the corner, you can enjoy the holidays without packing on the pounds.


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