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5 Things You Do That Boost Your Brain Power

You might be relieved to know that you are already doing several things each day, probably as part of your daily routine, that can help make you smarter.

Here is a list of 5 things that most people are exposed to each day that can help you.

1. Spending time with sarcastic colleagues

When we are around sarcastic or caustic coworkers, our creativity can be enhanced. A study in the journal Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes showed that people solved problems more efficiently after being exposed to sarcastic remarks. These people were three times as likely to use creative solutions to problems, compared with a control group who only heard sincere remarks. Scientists think that hearing sarcasm causes the brain to process in a more complex and abstract manner, which can boost creativity and innovation.

2. Expressing gratitude

Those who express an attitude of gratitude tend to avoid making impulsive decisions. This leads to many other smart decisions, like having good financial patience and discipline.

3. Eating “clean”

Eating clean is good for your body and your brain. Processed foods contain many added ingredients that slow your thinking and your body systems. The American Heart Association found that for every gram of trans fat that a person eats per day decreases performance on standardized tests.

4. Babysitting the grandchildren

A recent study conducted in Australia found that time spent with grandchildren can boost brainpower. The study examined 186 older women and concluded that those who babysat their grandchildren one day each week performed better on cognitive tests than those who watched the kids full time or never. Researchers are investigating this correlation, but think it is related to the increased social engagement.

5. Having a cell phone

A recent study found that iPhone users between the ages of 18 and 24 were better able to complete word search puzzles when their phones were nearby. Those who were separated from their cell phones described increased anxiety and difficulty focusing. Although a cell phone can be a disruption, if you focus better when it is near you then you should keep it with you, muted as needed.

Are you surprised by any of these interesting facts about daily activities that can boost your brain power? Keep your mind strong by keeping these activities in your routine.