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5 Things You Should Know About Breakfast

Want to start your day off right? Make sure you are eating a healthy, satisfying breakfast! Consider these 5 tips to make it easier.

As you already know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who still don’t take this as seriously as they should! When your body wakes in the morning, it is ready for fuel. Even if you are strapped for time, you should make sure that you give your body the fuel that it needs to get through the busy day.

Here are 5 tips that can help you get a healthy breakfast, every day!

1. Never skip breakfast!

This is always the first rule of breakfast—eat something. Skipping breakfast can affect your ability to control your weight, as well as your energy levels. Grab a piece of fruit, some yoghurt and some granola for a balanced meal that will give you plenty of energy to get started.

2. Keep things simple.

You do not have to prepare a fancy meal every morning. In fact, you can prepare plenty of foods ahead of time that require little effort, maybe a little reheating. Try fully cooked chicken sausage patties or links, with a whole wheat English muffin and some eggs for a protein packed start to your day. It only takes a few minutes, but you will feel satisfied for hours.

3. Options other than cereal?

Tired of cereal? Try egg whites with chicken sausage. Add a bit of cheese and some spinach to make the eggs interesting. Smoothies are another quick and popular option, and can add plenty of vitamins and nutrients when you add lots of delicious fruit.

4. Always include protein.

When your morning meal contains a healthy portion of protein, you will feel satisfied longer. Keep the simple carbs to a minimum, or else you will find yourself crashing later and reaching for snacks too soon.

5. Skip the take-out options.

Although it might be easy to grab a breakfast sandwich from a fast food place on the way to work, this can lead to tons of extra calories and fat, as well as other unhealthy ingredients. Prepare your breakfast at home and eat it at your desk, if you are really in a hurry!

Breakfast will always be the most important meal of the day, so make sure yours is healthy and satisfying! Try these options for a good start to your day.