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Consolidation threatens US, Canada and World Food Supply

Our food supply is threatened. This threat impacts every family farmer who has lost their land and livelihood, every family who can't find affordable locally produced healthy ingredients, and the silent but deadly impact on the enviroment. 

“When our food is at risk we are all at risk” wrote Willie Nelson in a recent article.

Never before in history have so few corporations been in control of our food system. In the US, half of every one of the thousands of food items in a typical grocery store have been brought to us by only 10 corporations.

At the top of the food chain over 70% of U.S. Beef is produced by a scant 3 companies; Tyson, Cargill and JBS. At the bottom of the chain; over 80% of soybean and corn seed is sold by a single company, Monsanto.

90% of the world's grain supply is controlled by only four companies.

Why does this matter to you the end consumer?

Millions of family farmers have been lost. There has been a systematic destruction of soil fertility, pollution of our water table and a shocking loss of diversity. We now have perfect looking tomatoes that hardly taste like tomatoes. Have you tried some supermarket strawberries lately? Big, juicy, plump, perfect looking and perfectly tasteless.

The impact on the health of consumers has been marked with heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Sure, the FDA asserts the levels of hormones in your milk is safe and the residual pesticides are acceptable and the wide spread use of antibiotics in animals isn't present in the end product. But what about our water? Municipal water suppliers engage in testing, of E. coli and other bacteria but they don't test for mercury, heavy metals or antibiotics from the run-off of consolidated agri-business. We spoke with a research scientist last year and discovered why. “There is no safe fresh water left.”

In 2011 untold millions were poured into lobbyists, $37 million alone fighting to continue to allow junk food marketing towards children.

Living in Canada you might think you're better off. Think again. The numerous Dairy Boards across Canada stifle competition and ensure you pay nearly double the price for consistently low quality watered down dairy products. Quotas ensure that millions of gallons of milk are dumped down the drain, incentives to become a better farmer are eliminated. Small family farms are impossible to start.

The egg board also has quotas and has all but publicly declared war on small farmers. They engage in fear mongering against small producers and assure Canadians their egg supply is safe from contamination. All your eggs are shipped to central processing plants, ensuring that if disease were to break out all the eggs could be affected. Price fixing ensures farmers receive “a fair market value” by preventing sale on the free market. At approximately 20 cents per dozen eggs and outrageously high quota (over $100 per bird) they effectively prevent anyone but big agri-business from competing.

than this threat to our food.”