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Indonesian recipe collection

Indonesian Hot Peanut Sauce



Creamy and tasty peanut sauce can be used in most of your Asian noodle and recipes. Using it as a dip or spread when you prepare wraps is also absolutely delightful.

Ajam Panggang (Indonesian Barbecued Chicken)

17 天 ago


Add an Indonesian flavor to your chicken with this spicy and delicious recipe.

Atjar Tjampoer




Atjar Tumis Djamur (Mushroom Pickles)



Atjar Tumis Djamur (Mushroom Pickles) recipe

Chile-Fried Squid (Sambal Cumi-Cumi)

4 days ago


Squid is cooked in a base of delicious seasonings made with onion, garlic, hot chili peppers and paprika, which gives the squid lots of yumminess and great texture.

Indonesian Avocado Drink



A creamy avocado chocolate drink.

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