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Swiss recipe collection

Roesti (Swiss-Style Potato Cake)



An easy way to use up your potatoes and to make something delicious.

Spätzle or Knöpfle (Soft German Egg Noodles)

1 day ago


Soft fresh German egg noodles. Spätzle, literally translasted means "little sparrows". This style of of noodle is also called Spätzli or Chnöpfli in Switzerland or Knöpfle or H...

Best Roesti

4 days ago


This easy-to-follow recipe makes the most basic and the most delicious roesti.

Hanz's Swiss-German Bratwurst Sausage



An old traditional homemade Swiss-German sausage.

Smoked Cheddar and Herb Roesti

10 days ago


A mixture of parsley, oregano, and scallions is added into the shredded potato, sprinkle the smoked cheddar on top at the last a few minutes. Use regular cheddar cheese if you ...

Swiss Breakfast



Delicious, filling and packed with goodness.

Easy Cheese Fondue



A class Swiss cheese fondue.

Microwave Swiss Steak with Celery and Bell Pepper



Swiss Steak with Celery and Bell Pepper recipe

Swiss Chicken Casserole



This is a great casserole, my whole family love this recipe.

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