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138 vegetarian recipes

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Sloppy Joes (Vegetarian)



A scrumptious vegetarian kind of Sloppy Joes' that's made with green bell peppers, tomato sauce and TVP.

Best Vegetarian Broccoli Casserole



A hearty vegetarian broccoli rice casserole

Bon Appetit Vegetarian Chili with Chipotle Chilies



Bon Appetit Vegetarian Chili with Chipotle Chilies recipe

Pineapple Vegetarian Fried Rice



Definitely a dish that is easy to make and impresses your family! Also a great way to use up your leftover rice.

Falafel, Vegetarian Style



Falafel, Vegetarian Style recipe

My Vegetarian Mince Pies



Vegetarian Mince Pies recipe

Chunky Vegetarian Chili



Chunky Vegetarian Chili recipe

Vegetarian Pot Pie



Yes, this is a vegetarian pot pie. Not only just vegetarians love it, but also meat-lovers enjoy it. Flavorful and tasty, a delicious, warm yet light main dish during a cold win...

Vegetarian Chili Texas Style



Vegetarian Chili Texas Style recipe

Hearty Vegetarian Minestrone



A hearty vegetarian version of my favorite soup. It's easy to make it vegetarian by using roasted vegetable stock instead of beef stock. By adding a leftover parmesan rind (I sa...

Vegetarian Cottage Pie



Tasty vegetable and lentil base topped with mashed potato. Lovely healthy comfort food for a winter night :D Note: though the list of ingredients can at first be daunting, dont ...

So Yummy Vegetarian lasagna



This eggplant, pumpkin and spinach vegie lasagna is a fair bit of work and takes a while - but it is absolutly worth every bit of effort. It tastes wonderful and is really healt...

Vegetarian Crab Rangoonies



These are great for snacks or as appetizers! Fill with veggies as well.

Vegetarian Spiced Lentil Soup



This ultimate spiced vegetable soup is a meal in itself – it’s super filling, delicious and full of goodness. It makes a fantastic lunch or starter (but don’t have too much or y...

Vegetarian Curry Samosas with Tamarind Dip



If it hasn’t already, then healthy alternative recipes like this can open your mind up to the real sustainable possibilities of eating nutritiously and deliciously with every bi...

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