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Top 20 African recipes



2.27 k

An African spice mixture.

South African Vegetable Biryani

about 18 hours ago

1.7 k

A delicious South African dish made with rice, potatoes, green peas and hot chili peppers.

Sweet Potato, Cheese And Onion Casserole

1 day ago


This is a very bold mix of good tastes. I was happy to cook this meal for my friends. Everyone said they never thought of that before. Four stars.

Fried Cabbage

about 4 hours ago


Fried Cabbage recipe

Easy Ginger Beer



This is a very easy ginger beer recipe, it takes about five minutes to put together and will be ready in less than a day

Ginger Soft Drink



A do it yourself ginger ale.

African Beef and Rice



This delicious African style beef and rice is packed with flavors. It's a well-balanced dish that has chunks of beef, lots of beans, and vegetables. The slow simmering develops ...

Banana-Coconut Bake (Akwadu)



This recipe is the best. You have to try it. It's soooo good excpeicealy if you eat it with vanilla ice-cream.

African Squash And Yams (Futari)



Coconut milk, cinnamon and cloves flavor this side dish of squash and yams.

Berbere Sauce

7 days ago


An Ethiopian (African) style sauce made from a mix of savory spices. From the Frugal Gourmet via the Chile heads mailing list.

African Spinach and Peanut Butter Stew

10 days ago


A quick and easy side dish with spinach, onions, tomatoes in a peanut butter dressing.

Berbere Spice Mix



An Ethiopian (African) dry spice mix.

African Tomato Avocado Buttermilk Soup



A cold tomato avocado buttermilk soup.




Try this unique, but scrumptious dish made of tomatoes, black-eyed peas and peanuts. Best served over rice.

Berbere Marinade

21 days ago


A little of this spicy mixture goes a long way! Makes enough marinade for 1 1/2 pounds tuna, pork tenderloin and sirloin steak.

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