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African recipe collection

Fried Cabbage

1 day ago


Fried Cabbage recipe

African Tomato Avocado Buttermilk Soup

5 days ago


A cold tomato avocado buttermilk soup.


5 days ago

2.28 k

An African spice mixture.

South African Vegetable Biryani

9 days ago

1.71 k

A delicious South African dish made with rice, potatoes, green peas and hot chili peppers.

Sweet Potato, Cheese And Onion Casserole

8 days ago


This is a very bold mix of good tastes. I was happy to cook this meal for my friends. Everyone said they never thought of that before. Four stars.

Abidjan Cabbage Salad



Try this exotic salad that will satisfy both your hunger and tastebuds!

African Beef and Rice



This delicious African style beef and rice is packed with flavors. It's a well-balanced dish that has chunks of beef, lots of beans, and vegetables. The slow simmering develops ...

African Spinach and Peanut Butter Stew



A quick and easy side dish with spinach, onions, tomatoes in a peanut butter dressing.

Berbere Sauce

about 7 hours ago


An Ethiopian (African) style sauce made from a mix of savory spices. From the Frugal Gourmet via the Chile heads mailing list.

Ethiopian Herb Mix (Berbere)



African spice and herb mixture. Classic Ethiopian style flavors to spice up your meals.

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