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African recipe collection




Vegetable Mafe



A spicy and delicious sauce made of potatoes, carrots and cabbage that is excellent over rice.

African Green Pepper And Spinach



Green pepper, tomato, spinach and peanut butter make a unique quick and easy side dish.

African Squash And Yams (Futari)



Coconut milk, cinnamon and cloves flavor this side dish of squash and yams.

African Vegetable Stew

10 days ago


A spicy vegetable stew - easy to make. Some find that the flavors of the vegetables don't stand out unless you put in a lot of tabasco. But not everyone likes it hot. Just add ...

Banana-Coconut Bake (Akwadu)



This recipe is the best. You have to try it. It's soooo good excpeicealy if you eat it with vanilla ice-cream.

Berbere Marinade

21 days ago


A little of this spicy mixture goes a long way! Makes enough marinade for 1 1/2 pounds tuna, pork tenderloin and sirloin steak.

Berbere, Hot Spice Mixture (Dry)



This is the hot and exotic spice mixture that give Eritrean and Ethiopian cooking its characteristic flavor.

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