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French recipe collection

French Cookies



Easy rum and raisin cookies.

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast



Another very good option for breakfast.

Beef Bourguignon Provencal



Classic French Provencal dish usually cooked in a heavy casserole on the stove top or in the oven; would also work well in slow cooker. Use inexpensive stewing beef or oyster bl...

Braised Lettuce au Gratin



Braised romaine lettuce with a Mornay sauce topped with cheese and broiled until brown and bubbly.

Broiled Salmon Steak with French Dressing



Salmon steaks with Bearnaise, marinated in a home made French dressing.

Crock Pot Coq Au Vin - Chicken Braised in Wine



Crock Pot Coq Au Vin - Chicken Braised in Wine recipe

Double-Cinnamon French Toast



Rich and delicious. Absolutely love the cinnamon taste.

Egg Snowballs with Caramel Sauce and Fruit



A decadent dessert with a lovely french presentation. Egg white puffs shaped into quenelles topped with caramel and seasonal fruit. Guaranteed to wow any guests.

Ellen's Basil Boursin



Ellen's Basil Boursin recipe

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